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1A..Turkish Driving Licence Laws as from Jan 2016.
COVID 19….driving with a foreign driving licence & the 6 month rule.

1B..Legalising /driving with a foreign driving licence in Turkey.
International driving Permit [IDP] requirements for UK licence holders.

1C..School certificate requirements to obtain a Turkish Licence.

Name change on a Turkish licence due to marriage/Divorce.

1E..Licence requirements to drive a quad bike in Turkey.

1G.. Having your old licence returned to the country of issue.

1H..Using a Turkish licence to hire a car & drive in other countries.

1J..Updating an old style Turkish driving licence.

2..How to book a vehicle in for a TUV [MOT] test.
Test fees.

3.Bringing a car into Turkey…..[ General info.]

3F..Travelling out of Turkey without the imported car
4..Importing a foreign registered car on a semi permanent basis for more than 2yrs [onto Turkish ‘M’ plates]

5..Exporting a previously imported vehicle that was re registered onto ‘M’ plates.

5A…Scrapping an imported car/scooter & one purchased in Turkey.


7..Electric scooter Laws. & 2 Wheeled scooter laws.
7A.. Disabled Mobility scooters.
7B… QUAD BIKES…the laws……owning or hiring.

8..Check for outstanding vehicular/road fines…

9..Taking the Turkish driving test.

10..How to buy a 2nd hand vehicle in Turkey…

10A…2nd hand car warranties from dealers/used car sites.

11..Tax Free Car Purchases..who can buy.

12.How to sell a vehicle in Turkey.

13..Motorway Toll to purchase.

14..Turkish traffic regulations & laws.  ROAD SPEED LIMITS.
List of fines for traffic violations.
NEW Parking Laws from Jan 2020.

15..Car/scooter road tax calculator & link to pay online.



18..Registering a TOW BAR after fitting.

19…Car Hire In Turkey.


From October 2018….In addition to Traffic Polis, all Police units and Jandama will now be able to fine drivers who do not abide by traffic rules.


keith turkish license
New Turkish Licence



If a holidaymaker or entering Turkey with a [e]visa there is no need to have a foreign licence translated or noterised.
As a resident [RP holder] you can legally drive with a Foreign license but it must be translated & noterised.

[Turkish citizens or foreigners holding Turkish citizenship can drive for up to 2 [two] years with their foreign licence between incoming passport stamps or applying for a Turkish driving licence.]

If you spend more than 6 months a year in Turkey in one go, you need to either exchange your home licence & obtain a Turkish licence [ see subheadings 1C & 1D below ] ……

  • *or exit Turkey and take a day trip to a Greek island [the easiest & cheapest option for most people ] to gain another entry stamp in your passport , therefore still allowing you to drive on your translated & noterised foreign licence for another 6 months ,as per Article 88- (Amended with title: RG-17/4 / 2015-29329)  then the process must be repeated every 6 months.
    This is a LEGAL ‘workaround’ to those who may like to apply for a Turkish licence but cannot supply a schooling certificate from their home country.*
    This from the British Consulates office Oct 2018
    Consular staff in Fethiye has been in contact with local traffic police department. The Traffic department has confirmed that they do not fine British citizens driving with translated & noterised foreign  licences if they have been out of Turkey within the last 6 months.
  • ALSO,this from the National Trafik Polis website…

.COVID 19..driving with a foreign driving licence.

There has been no official notification regarding the relaxing of the 6 month law,so it is to be assumed that after 6 months from the last incoming passport stamp your licence will be temporally invalid & more importantly so will your insurance.
The latest information from one of the Greek ferry operators website on 20/7/2020 states that no firm date has yet been given by the Greek government & their next meeting on this topic is 31/7/2020.
If you are caught using a non-Turkish drivers license after 6 months from your last passport entry stamp, you will be fined 500TL. If your foreign license has expired [ remember UK card licences are only valid for 10yrs & paper ones valid till 70yrs of age] it will be confiscated and sent back to the issuing body.


This is a simple operation & takes barely 20 minutes at a Noters office.

Either take your translator or if you do not have one to  call on,just go to any Noters office & ask them to contact the Translator they use. The Translator will translate your licence then the Noter will noterise it,making it an official document. The cost for this will vary depending on local charges from the Translator & Noter,but should be around 150/170 tl maximum.[correct at April 2017]. The Noterisation last for the duration of the foreign licence.


There seems to be some confusion over INTERNATIONAL DRIVING PERMITS sometimes known as INTERNATIONAL DRIVING LICENSES.
They are not needed in Turkey unless your foreign driver’s license is printed with non Roman Alphabet .
However, some car rental companies require you to have a photo ID license. If your foreign license does not have a photo ID, you should get an IDP if you intend to rent a car.

Please note that an International Driving Permit cannot replace the requirement for a regular driving license.

Neither does it remove the requirement for a new entry stamp every 6 months.


You will need an ‘A’ category standard motorcycle licence to hire a motorcycle over 50cc in Turkey. An ‘A1’ category ‘light motorcycle’ driving licence is only suitable for motorcycles below 50cc.


It should be noted that driving in Turkey on a foreign licence & not obtaining an incoming passport stamp every 6 months is not just illegal,but in the case of having any  accident,[or at worst being blamed for  a fatality]  Turkish insurance companies are insisting that a copy of the foreigners passport & last entry stamp page be included with the claims documents. If it’s found that the passport stamp is out of date,the insurance will be invalidated .

In Turkey the family of a deceased can take court action and claim financial recompense for loss of anticipated future earnings of the family member lost in the accident , which could run into hundreds of thousands of Lira.



PLEASE NOTE,IT HAS BEEN CONFIRMED THAT A SCHOOL CERTIFICATE [ O level/GCSE ,college/university..etc ] OR UNIVERSITY DIPLOMA NEEDS TO BE SHOWN BY APPLICANTS. [ just as they are for Turkish citizens who apply for a Turkish driving licence.].

This link may help those from the UK needing a copy of old school certificates..

And this link for exams taken after 1965


The type of schooling certificate accepted seems to vary depending on the Nufus officer who you deals with your application . So regardless of what others may say what was or was not accepted for them in their province,it is suggested you  call into the Nufus office you intend to apply at and confirm before you start your application process they will accept the certificate you have. 

They may only accept a Uni. certificate of equivalence (denklik), which is where your certificate is sent to a Turkish College or University for a Turkish certificate to be issued of the same equivalence. If a Denklik is required ,this can take around a couple of months or more to be issued.

If showing a Diploma then the Denklik is issued by YÖK in Ankara.

If a schooling certificate is shown then the Denklik is issued by a lower schooling authority. If you’re very lucky a schooling certificate may be accepted as is,if translated & noterised. Check with your Nufus what they want from you,as this again will vary according to the province or individual officers mood!.

Bear in mind they see certificates issued from various countries,so may not be able to establish themselves if some are acceptable without them being checked by a Turkish University professor,hence the need for a denklik to be issued.


New Turkish Licence


As of April 2nd 2018 Licence exchange applications are being dealt with in most provinces by your local Nüfus ve Vatandaşlık İşleri Genel Müdürlüğü [NUFUS OFFICE. ] . But In some provinces you may still have to apply to either your local Traffic Polis office or Driver’s Association Office. You need to check locally.
[ At present [1/1/2022] We can only give you an outline of the new procedure .

The amount of classes given on the exchange varies depending on the Polis officer assisting with your application,so check as the application is being made. You’ll only ever get at the most bike & car classes…..PSV & commercials are not offered at all. Once a licence is issued the classes cannot be changed.

First you must make an online appointment for the Nufus office via the link below..[Turkish only,so use Google browser & the translate service]  or call into your local Traffic Polis office or Driver’s Association Office.You need to check locally. 

NOTE… there appears to still be problems with the online appointment system if applying to your Nufus , accepting foreigners I.D. numbers [99****] . We have been informed that the Nufus offices will not see applicants unless they have made the online appointment. But the 199 helpline is working & they *may* make an appointment for foreigners,or you can try just turning up at your Nufus office & wait to be seen without a pre booked appointment.

The Nufus offices will want a translated & noterised copy of your foreign licence first to send off to the issuing authority & have it checked before starting the exchange process. So make sure you take a copy  with you & the original translated / notorised paper.
There is no set time for the exchange process as it all depends on how swift your country’s  Driving Licence authority deal with the request.
You hand over a translated/noterised copy of your foreign licence together with a written request [in most provinces] that you wish to exchange your foreign licence & obtain a Turkish licence. This MUST be written in Turkish & also contain your 99**** number,Turkish phone number & signed & dated by you.
They then sent your foreign licence to the Turkish Embassy/Consulate in the country the licence was issued. The Turkish Embassy/Consulate there will send a request in that country’s language to the drivers licencing authority for checks. They will reply [eventually] & the Turkish Embassy will translate the report back into Turkish & sent it back to your Nufus office. For this part alone you should expect it to take4-5 months,maybe longer.
If successful you’ll get a phone call from your Nufus office when they’ve heard back from your licence issuer . Thats when you will need to go back to your Nufus office and get the list of whats needed next. This will include getting the health check,CRC from the local court,pay the fees etc.
When you return with the paperwork  they then take your home licence from you, & you will receive a temporary Turkish licence [just a sheet of paper] to allow you to drive here legally ,shortly thereafter [merely days ] you will receive your new Turkish licence.

At present it’s suggested you check with the Nufus office what paperwork is required by them   [this can vary province to province]. DON’T start collating any paperwork or spending money on medical checks until you’ve seen them .
Also it would be wise to check with the Nufus/Polis office  what type of schooling certificate they will accept from you ,as if you know you cannot show whats needed you may as well stop your application process there and then.
[ This WILL differ ,province to province]

The list below is from when applications were made via the Trafic Polis, now it’s to the Nufus,so until the process & documents required can be confirmed, the list below should only be used as a rough guide.
As of 3rd Jan 2020 please ad 23.73% to the fees shown below.
1 Photocopy of RP card
2 notarised translation of education certificate
3- 4 x biometric photos
4- Notarised driving license translation
5- Doctor’s report ..inform Doctor/Hospital you need checks for drivers licence[Approx 200tl]..if over 65 you may be required to have a hearing and eye test as well.
6- Blood type card
7- Criminal Record check ,from your local Turkish court. (free)
8- Schooling certificate
9- 271.00  TL Licence fee [to be paid at the tax office]
10-  1090TL for car type licence [ class B] paid at the tax office..[  tax for A1 or A2 motorcycle category:+ 271 TL]
11-  NEW OIV Tax  54.60tl.
12- Donation to Polis Foundation 25tl
13- Proof of address from Nufus Registry office [or the e-devlet website.]

Once you have completed the process of exchanging your foreign drivers license for a Turkish one, the authorities will retain your foreign drivers license and send it back to the issuing authority.

If the request made to the UK DVLA is taking a very long time ,you can contact them to enquire on the progress  on the status of the checks being carried out,on   +44[0]300 790 6801.
Q. What happens when you leave Turkey and you want to have your drivers license converted back?:

A. You need to apply to the driver’s license issuing authority of your country for your licence to be re issued & return the Turkish one to your licencing authority.

Q. What is the situation for Foreign Driver License holders of Countries NOT Signatory to the Convention of Road & Traffic ?
A. According to the Turkish Traffic Police there is no conversion procedure and you must take the Turkish driving test.

Go here, ….to find countries that are included in the Convention. If your country is NOT listed then it’s not possible to make a licence exchange.. The only way to obtain a Turkish driving licence is to take driving lessons & the test [all explained elsewhere in this file ].

Name Change on a Turkish Licence due to Marriage etc..
 There is no need to change name to married name on any drivers documents, driving licence, car paperwork , insurance etc . If stopped by the traffic police they will only be interested in the 99*** yabanci number, and so long as the residency has been changed, everything is recorded into the married name.
Should you wish to change your name on your Turkish Licence the charge from the Notary who carry out this operation is around  140tl [ correct at Oct 2018].


1E]..*QUADS.. , a B1 CAR LICENSE is needed to  ride a Quad legally.*.
For those already holding a Turkish Licence,you have until 2020 to change to the new style 10yr validity card ,cost 15tl.

You need a ‘A’ category motorcycle licence to legally ride a scooter/motorcycle over 50cc in Turkey. If you have only passed a test driving a car your licence does not allow you to ride a scooter or motorbike.

1F]……The fine for driving with a foreign driving licence after 6 months or expired foreign licence is set at 800 TL for 2022.

1G ]..WITH REFERENCE TO HAVING YOUR LICENCE RETURNED TO YOUR HOME COUNTRY……….The UK licence card is the property of the DVLA[ for UK licence holders]. It is normal procedure for foreign authorities to abide by the rules and return the licence to the DVLA once another countries licence is obtained.
The DVLA state that on receiving your licence from the Turkish Authorities,a ‘marker’ is put on your file as to the reason your licence was returned to them,your licence card is then destroyed. If and when you return to the UK FULL TIME,you contact the DVLA who will take your Turkish licence from you & issue you with your new UK card .

1 H ].. HIRING A CAR ABROAD, a Turkish Driving Licence is accepted in most countries[ UK included]…you can drive in the UK for up to 12 months legally on a Turkish licence.

Holders of the old style Turkish licence card have until Dec 2022 to update to the new ”EU”  style card.
For those with old style Turkish licences issued prior to 2016 you need to first go to your Devlet Hospital for the customary checks for driving licences taking one photo with you ,then make an online appointment  via the link below….
NOTE at the time of writing this the online appointment system still does not accept foreigners 99*** numbers,so phone 190 to make a manual appointment. 
Then go to your NUFUS office to make to the application.
Go to the ticket machine, enter your Kimlik/RP  number in the ticket machine and you get a number which clearly states SÜRÜCÜ BELGESİ

New photos will also be needed .You will need to say to the photographer they are for Turkish licence to confirm  the correct size….


  • NUFUS office to start the application
    1) Old driver’s license
  • 2) Turkish Identity card or Residence Permit +Passport
  • 3) If over 65, eye and hearing test [can be obtained from the Devlet Hospital]
  • 4) Receipt showing that the amount of 15 TL  has been deposited in tax offices or in the bank
  • 5) 2 photos (a biometric photographic image with 5×6 background white)
  • 6) Nufus office to complete application.



NOTE.. There is no such thing as  SORN as in the UK….
A vehicle / scooter etc. must be Taxed,insured & tested at all times,even when being sold.

This is the direct link to book a TUV Test….It’s suggested to keep it in Turkish [ & use Google Chrome browser with Google translate] & not change to English language,as you cannot make a reservation in the left side of the first page when in English mode.

NOTE…. on the first screen of the appointment site, after filling in your Plaka number , when inserting the ‘series number’ from your Ruhsat [[ eg…AZ 123456 ] do not include the letters ,just insert the numbers.

As of September 2020 it should be possible to pay for your TUV test when at your appointment by Turkish Credit Card [Not debit card.]. BUT some stations still only accept cash.

How Much is a Turkish vehicle test ? – (Prices for 2022)

372TL for cars, minibuses, pickup trucks,

503TL for buses, trucks, tow trucks and tankers,

For tractors, motorcycles and motorized bicycles, it has increased from 64TL to 189.98TL

Emission test 100tl.[2022 fee] [scooters & m/cycles excluded]

The existing exhaust gas emission stamp and license will come to an end  as of January 1, 2018. Vehicles being measured will be recorded in the system with the photo recording and all measurement information will be “online” and monitored by the ministry.
As the measurements are recorded in the ministry’s electronic system, exhaust emission stamps and licenses will be phased out, so drivers will not have to carry extra documents.

A change in the regulations came into effect on 10/06/2021. If you have not got your vehicle tested at a TÜVTÜRK station within the specified time, the late test fee, which was previously calculated as 5% of the vehicle inspection fee for each month, was changed and linked to the price index rate. Accordingly, if the vehicle inspection is delayed by 1 year, a penalty of approximately 15 lira will be paid instead of 205 lia. If you fail to present your vehicle within 5 years of its inspection date a late fee of 75 lira will be applied.

Be advised that the police will still impose fines on you if you drive a vehicle without a test certificate, the above fees are admin fees for TÜVTÜRK only.


For cars, motor bikes and scooters the 1st test from new is due 3 years after the cars manufactured [ not registered  ] date then every 2 years. Look in your Ruhsat & you will see two dates,one is the date it was registered to the owner,the earlier date shown above that is the date of manufacture…this is the date you start with for the 1st TUV test.

If you own a van or Kangoo,Doblo,Connect ‘people carriers’ etc,which are classed as commercials it will need a TUV test after one year then every year thereafter..

You will need the following documents:

The vehicle’s Ruhsat document [logbook].
Valid Third Party insurance certificate (trafik Sigortasi)
Emissions testing stamp if applicable to your vehicle.[Not reqd. for scooters & motorcycles]
proof of Motor Vehicle Tax
Residence Permit.

You will also need to ensure that you don’t have any tax or fines outstanding. You can do that at the tax office or online. The testing station has online access to the tax records so no paperwork needs to be produced. But it is not possible to proceed with the test if there are any outstanding debts [ road tax,fines etc.]

The test is comprehensive similar to the UK MOT & carried out to the German TUV standards.
If a vehicle fails the Test, owners have up to one[1] month to present the vehicle again to just have the failed items re tested Free of Charge…. Anytime after one [1] month & a full test will need to be carried out with the associated test fees.

If running on L.P.G. be prepared to have to change the L.P.G. tank [regardless of it’s condition] once it’s 10 years old.

*** As of Nov 2017…it is illegal for vehicles to have aftermarket window film tint fitted to the front side windows. Not only will the vehicle fail it’s test but if stopped on the road by the Traffic Polis it’s an automatic 250tl fine. Standard vehicle manufactures green tinted glass is acceptable.




TRAVELLING THROUGH TURKEY OR IMPORTING A FOREIGN CAR INTO TURKEY FOR A MAX. OF 2 YEARS.. on the temporary basis with your passport & visa or STRP ( left or right hand drive vehicle.)…

***.EXCEPT FOR a & b BELOW…….


a] From June 2018….Residents of European Union or European Free Trade Association (EFTA) member states can temporarily import their vehicle within scope of private use, for ONE month in a period of one year, even if they didn’t fulfill the condition of residing abroad for 185 days.
b]..The other exception to the 185 day rule is if the importer is retired,[with a pension] & it’s the first time they have imported a vehicle into Turkey,then the 185 day rule is waived.

Information [late 2020] issued by the GUMRUK [Customs] regarding Duty Free but includes entering & leaving with a foreign plated vehicle.
From the link below ,choose either IOS or ANDROID [not available for Windows] ,download the app. & open . Tap on your language ,choose import or export then scroll down to the last item in the list ‘ VEHICLES ‘.

For vehicles brought in under the ‘up to 2 year rule’ while here on foreign numberplates then regardless of what anyone tells you NO ONE ELSE OTHER THAN THE REGISTED OWNER CAN LEGALLY DRIVE THE VEHICLE WHILST IN TURKEY

If the person who brought the vehicle into Turkiye whether for up to 2 years or registered with Turk Touring & on ‘M’ plates passes away while in Turkiye,30 day is given to return the car to the Gumruk (customs) & it exiting the country. If the vehicle was registered on ‘M’ plate you have to wait on the Inheritance papers from the court in order to get the money placed in the bond for the vehicle.

FIRST PLEASE READ THIS. [ UK Passport holders] both for over 12 month export and page 2 for less than 12 month export….

THIS LINK IS TO THE OFFICIAL  LAWS FROM THE TURKISH CUSTOMS WEBPAGE regarding importing a vehicle …read from MADDE 5 (ARTICLE 5)..only available in Turkish,so use Google browser with translate.

”Bringing your car as a visitor,..
You need to get a visa/permit for your vehicle on entry and you must ensure that you have all the documentation for your car e.g. vehicle registration papers in your name ,full insurance [ Turkish insurance can be purchased at the border,] and your driving licence.
A change in the law came in to effect on 13 October 2015 so you can now keep your car in Turkey for up to 2 years on your foreign plates.[ You will be heavily fined and even your car can be confiscated if you do not take your car out of Turkey at the end of 2 years]. In order to bring your car to Turkey for a second round of two years, both you and your car have to stay out of Turkey for at least 185 days from the date you exited Turkey”.

3B]..The cars full documents must be presented at the Turkish border. A letter of request is then prepared in Turkish requesting an ‘up to’ 2 year stay [ length of stay of vehicle is dependent on your visa/RP ] for car and signed and dated at Customs.

 Who else can drive the vehicle that I have brought to Turkey?

Answer: The vehicles imported temporarily within the scope of private use can be used by the vehicle owner’s spouse or lineal ancestors and descendants WHO ARE RESIDENT ABROAD[ ie: not a residence permit holder or citizen of Turkey]. In addition, the third parties can also use the vehicle provided that the owners of the vehicle is present in the vehicle during travel.

On entry to Turkey the Border Polis  will , [assuming you have not got residency but a visa]  – give you a max of 90 days. When you get your residency you then MUST go to your local customs office (gumruk) to get them to extend it
to the expiry date of your RP [if a 1yr RP] or 2 years from date of entry if a 2yr RP is given .

To get the extension when you have your RP,  take:-

1. Car reg doc from home country
2. Proof of ownership (which car reg isn’t) – so bill of sale if possible
3. Your passport
4. Your new residency card
5. Your Green Card insurance policy for the car.

There is no cost for this, but with most officers only speaking Turkish, it’s  best to take a Turkish speaker with you.


Turkish insurance, there are very few insurance policies from outside Turkey which are accepted (Saga in the UK do one, but it’s  expensive so buy at the border) – most you can buy on entry is 90 days cover [as per the visa duration] , so to extend when you get your  RP , you’ll need to go to any border & find the insurance office to buy what appears to be one of  only 2 policies available if you are a foreigner driving a foreign registered car – both of which are Gov’t policies and are sold by them under a special licence at the borders.


Turkish Citizens CANNOT DRIVE this car ,neither can any other foreigners. except the owners spouse who must also NOT  be a resident of Turkey.

3C].. It’s not possible to have the Turkish TUV test [in place of an MOT ] on a foreign registered vehicle.
3D].. HDI Turkish Insurance (green card) is compulsory and can be purchased at the border at the time you bring your vehicle into the country.

3E]..**GREEN CARD 3RD PARTY INSURANCE WHEN ENTERING TURKEY.**…………..You will need a Green Card Insurance,This can be purchased at the Turkish border….here’s the premiums for 2018,the latest prices given ..
[ Note:….GUN = day…….AY = month ].
20180105 -01_01_2018’den İtibaren Geçerli Fiyat Listesi

.THIS ALSO FROM THE DVLA.. ….. If a UK registered vehicle is outside of the UK and its MOT has expired, then the only journey that the vehicle can make on entering the UK, is directly to a pre-booked MOT test.
You would need to contact your insurance company to see whether they would
require any action to be taken, and the Authorities of the countries that
you are travelling through to see what requirements they may have.
The UK does not recognise test certificates from other countries on UK registered vehicles..

The owner can leave Turkey without the car but the customs at the departure point MUST be notified in advance of the travel & NO ONE can drive the car whilst the owner is abroad. This includes leaving Turkiye even for a same day return ferry trip to a Greek island like Meis,Kos etc. basically any journey where you would have your passport stamped on exit & arrival.
It is now possible to make the application to travel & leave a vehicle via the e-devlet website,instead of travelling to a departure airport to inform the Gumruk.
Log into your e-devlet account & apply from this link,

The owner can leave Turkey without the car but the customs at the departure point MUST be notified in advance of the travel . Time spent by the owner abroad does NOT extend the time the car can stay in Turkey. It is now possible by prior arrangement with Customs to leave the car at an address.  NO ONE can drive the car whilst the owner is abroad.

Question: If I re-export my vehicle without using the entire 730 days, How can I benefit from the remaining period?

Answer: You should reside abroad continuosly or discontinuosly more than 185 days within the last year for each entry to Turkey in order to benefit from the remaining period.

Question: I retired from abroad. I re-export my vehicle without using the entire 730 days. Do I have to stay abroad for 185 days to use the remaing period?

Answer: If the pensioners come back to benefit from the remaining period, the condition of residing abroad (185 days) is not required, their vehicles are allowed to enter Turkey.

HGS (FAST-PASS SYSTEM) Toll roads/bridges/tunnels. [ see heading 13 below].

Important Note for the Drivers of Vehicles with Foreign Licence Plates that Will Use Tollways

The vehicles with foreign licence plates must register to OGS or HGS before using the tollways and must have sufficient credit in the account for pass. Turkish Custom Authorities will not allow the vehicles with foreign licence plates to leave the country if they have unpaid toll fines. Therefore, drivers should question if they have any unpaid toll fee, violation or toll fine from the Tollway Pass Violation Query section on the webpage and pay the debts before arriving in the Customs to leave. For your further questions and complaints, apply to 

Fast-Pass System (HGS) has been activated by PTT General Directorate on 17.09.2012, at the toll stations on Izmir-Aydın Motorway, Izmir-Çeşme Motorway, Bosphorus Bridges, European Motorway, Anatolian Motorway and Niğde-Mersin-Şanlıurfa Motorway.

For pre-paid HGS labels, you can apply to the PTT head Office or branches. You can also give a free automatic payment order from your credit card for automatic credit loading.


IF YOU WISH TO KEEP YOUR CAR HERE FOR MORE THAN 2YRS, you will also need to in receipt of a state pension or Turkish Work Permit, then you will need to apply to Turk Touring to pay a financial bond  ,be advised ,this might be as much as you paid for the car in your home country. [ The tax is calculated by the engine size and age of the vehicle. To enquire about this you will need to email or phone Turk Turing to find this out [ Turkish only].Their www. link is below.] This will allow you to put the vehicle onto Turkish foreigners [M ] plates,but should allow you to sell within Turkey if required.

A very good Q & A page in English, scroll half way down the page & read from this heading..’ TEMPORARY ENTRANCE CARNET FOR FOREIGN VEHICLES ‘….. Turk Touring Club Izmir no. is 0232-421-7149.

Link to enquire the import tax [VAT] element..

NB:- Turkish Touring association office in Antalya has moved to a smart new office in the old town since last year….about 100 yards from the clock tower in Kaleici…….new address is  Barbaros Mahallesi Mescit Sokak No:23 Kaleiçi Muratpaşa/ ANTALYA


– Valid residence permit, driving license and passport (originals and photocopies)
– Vehicle document as evidence that the vehicle belongs to the applicant.

– Receipt of delivery from the related Customs Authority (the vehicle will be examined  by the customs officers)
– Receipt proving payment of the required deposit (the Touring Club will inform you about the amount to be paid if you send an email to ,
– Application form filled out and signed by the applicant

– Translated and notarized document proving the retirement status, work permit or student card

On the website you will also find a sample bank letter. The receipt/bank guarantee must be in the name of the applicant.

The carnet fees in 2017 are:
365 TL up to 6 months
490 TL for one year
850 TL for two years

Once the customs formalities are finished you take the car back and have it registered at the Traffic Polis office responsible in your Province.

This is possible after it has been approved by the technical control (TÜV). You also have to obtain a registration form from the local Drivers Association and a traffic insurance policy. Once all paperwork is complete the Turkish number plate (for foreign owners) is granted.

When the Turkish number plate and the Turkish vehicle documents have been issued a copy must be sent to the Touring Club office to finally obtain the Blue Carnet.

Vehicles imported on a temporary base may only be used by the vehicle owner, & his/her spouse and children.


A) On cancelling the registration of the car at your Emniyet Müdürlüğü (police) they will give you a document. Its name “İlişik Kesme Belgesi” & at the same time they will they give you a temporary number [ plaka] plate. (You can use this plate to drive abroad.)
B) After then you will go to Customs. They will join the customs system and your the Blue Carnet exit stamp.
C) Finally you will send the ‘İlişik Kesme Belgesi’ and the Blue Carnet to Turk Touring . They will then send a letter to the bank to release your funds.
The above info came from this office Aug 2016…..
Ragıp KARAGÖZ Director Türkiye Turing ve Otomobil Kurumu Seyrantepe / İstanbul E-mail : Twitter : @ragipkaragoz Web :


5A ] Scrapping an imported car…scrapping a car/scooter purchased in Turkey…

If it’s wished scrap a vehicle that been imported to Turkey,rather than drive it out,then the vehicle needs to be cancelled from your passport Before your allotted time expires. If you leave it till past your allotted import time you WILL be fined heavily!.
First go to a Customs port office with your RP , Passport & vehicle documents and obtain a ‘petition of abandonment’ from them. From there be guided by them & see if you need to go to your local Polis Trafic Ofis.

If scrapping a car or scooter bought in Turkey, then go to your local Polis Trafic Ofis with your Ruhsat ,passport, RP & Plaka’s [Number plates] front & rear if a car. Then arrange with a scrap merchant to collect the vehicle if needed.


Any foreigner can drive a Turkish registered car as long as they [the foreigner ] have a Turkish licence or  the correct foreign licence translated & noterised if a resident & the car is taxed, has a valid TUV  & is insured by the registered Turkish owner.

It is totally illegal for a Turkish citizen to drive an ‘M’ plated car/scooter.
If a Turkish citizen is caught driving an ‘M’ plated car,both driver & owner face a heavy fine & the car will be impounded .

.Regarding LEGALITY OF WHO [ FOREIGNERS] CAN DRIVE AN ‘M’ PLATED VEHICLE….If in the RUHSAT [logbook] ‘Arac Tescil Belgesi ‘ , the vehicle was bought/registered to more than one foreigner ….,then lead name is in C1.1 & C 1.2 ,

If in box Z2 is typed… ‘Araç sahibi ve eşinden başkası kullanamaz’.
This states the owner and spouse are both allowed to drive the car but NOT anyone else.
Box Z1 has the names of the other registered owners .[if applicable]
If in box Z2 is typed… ‘ Arac Sahibinden Baskasi Kullanamaz ‘
then no one other than those listed as owners on the Ruhsat can drive it.
If in Box ‘Z2 ‘ is typed… ‘ Aracı sahibi ve aile fertlerinden başkası tarafindan kullanılamaz’
then only the owner and family members [of the same surname] can drive it.

If in box Z2 is typed…”araci sahibi, esi ve cocuklarindan baskasi kullanamaz”.
This states ..”No one other than the owner of the car, his/her spouse and their children can drive” …. in these cases the family member not of the same surname must keep their passports with them as proof of identity.



2017-05-29 14.02.17

There are debates going on about the electric 3 wheel vehicles on Facebook groups. However some people still insist on referring to them as Disability scooters.

They are NOT disability scooters. They are road going vehicles that require a licence, a number plate and the user to wear a crash helmet, (if the power output is more than 250W), as we have explained previously.

You CAN NOT use them solely on the basis that you have a “Blue Badge,” a Blue Badge is a PARKİNG CONCESSİON it is NOT a licence to drive an electric 3 wheel vehicle here.

İf you need a proper Disability/Mobility scooter/wheelchair you can hire one from the medical shops.

This is from the website about Blue Badge PARKİNG PERMİTS.

There are no arrangements for people to use the badge outside the EU… …. although they (other countries) may be prepared to recognise the Blue Badge. You should check what concessions are available before travelling.


Information gathered on the 11/4/2019 from 3 scooter sales shops a driving school in Bodrum , insurance brokers  & Dalaman Trafic Polis confirms the information below…

As electric bikes get more powerful Turkey enacted new safety regulations in 2014.
In Summary All electric bikes with a power output over 250watts  and/or with a higher maximum speed of 25 kph must be registered .

 Any electric moped or scooter with an output of over 250W requires to be registered with the local police, (i.e, a number plate is required), they must have traffic sigorta, (insurance), the rider must have a valid driving licence and they must wear a helmet.

From traffic police website ” Article 3 Definitions of Road Traffic Law No. 2918, electric bikes with power over 250W are accepted as motor bikes. Accordingly, electric bikes larger than 250W must be registered

İf the power is from 250 Watts to 4 Kilowatts you need a Class ‘M Licence. İf power is over 4 Kilowatts Class A Licence is required.

For information, the 3 wheel scooters which are popular with the rental companies are all around 800W output with a top speed of approximately 35-50kmph meaning they must be registered and comply with what is stated above. NOTE…AS AT SEPT 2022 IT APPEARS THAT ALTHOUGH THE POLIS INSIST THESE SCOOTERS HAVE 3RD PARTY INSURANCE ACCORDING TO THE INSURANCE ASSOCIATION THERE IS NO SUCH COVER IN PLACE. SO USERS RUN THE RISK OF PAYING FOR ANY DAMAGE OR INJURY CAUSED TO THEMSELVES,THE SCOOTER & ANY 3RD PARTY INVOLVED IN AN INCIDENT.

# Any moped/scooter with an output of under 250W & is capped with a maximum speed of 25kph or less does not need registering,insurance etc. & no Residence Permit or driving licence is required . #
7A…. ,Disabled Mobility Scooters.

İF YOU ARE REGISTERED AS DISABLED & reside in Turkey you have to provide proof.
You need a Devlet hospital report that lists your disability and the percentage of your disability. İf you want to have a Turkish driving licence you need another report to ascertain that your disability does not impede on your driving.


THESE ARE EXAMPLES OF MOBILITY SCOOTERS & ELECTRIC WHEELCHAIRS and for those on holiday can be hired from Medical Shops,often located near to a Devlet Hospital.

2017-05-29 14.02.17
Up to 250 Watts…….no licence or registration required.
 250 Watts  -to-  4K.Watts …Class  ‘M  Licence.[Car]
4 K.Watts+ …Class A Licence.[M/cycle]
Trikes which are popular with many are all around 800W output & top speed of 30kmph +,meaning they must be registered..


According to Law No2918 and the full electric scooter regulations as defined by the Ministry of Interior.

The rider must have attained the age of 16.

It is forbidden for more than 1 person to be on a scooter.

It is forbidden to carry cargo and passengers.

Cargo and personal belongings can only be carried on the back of the user.

E-scooters cannot be used on pavements, pedestrian areas and pedestrian crossings.

They cannot be used by being attached to another vehicle or the user hanging or holding on to another vehicle.

No more than 2 e-scooters may be driven side by side on one lane of a carriageway.

If there is a separate bicycle lane they have to use it and cannot be driven on the road.

They cannot be driven with one hand, except when signaling for a maneuver.

They cannot be used on highways, roads etc that a maximum speed limit above 50 km/h.

They can be used on roads that have a maximum speed of 50 km/h or less where there is no separate bicycle lane.

Users of e-scooters must wear reflective vests or jackets at night.

In order to be easily noticed by other vehicle drivers and pedestrians, at night, a headlight giving white light that can illuminate at least 20 meters must be used.

A red light, a red reflector, must be available on the back of an e-scooter.

A bell, horn or similar sound device that can be heard from 30 meters away must be available on an e-scooter.

E-scooters cannot be parked in a way that disrupts public order, violates private property, prevents the safe and independent movement of pedestrians, hinders people with disabilities or mobility issues, or hinders vehicle and pedestrian traffic.

The maximum speed limit for e-scooters is 25 km/h.


7B….QUAD BIKES…THE LAW…owning or hiring.

The facts are,
1- car licence, not provisional (as provisional licences are not applicable here) to drive a quad.
2-helmets must be worn by the driver, although the helmets given with quads will keep the rain off but nothing else.
3- quads are classed as a dangerous sport and are not covered by holiday health insurance.
4- quad accident insurance by the hire companies, is limited third party only and has a maximum payout limit which may not cover the damage to the other vehicle, in which case the hirer will be required to pay.
5- damage to the quad is at the hirers entire risk only.
6- if damage to the quad is found, the hire company will take your passport until payment for repairs has been made.
7- don’t drive a quad unless you know how, they do not behave like cars or motorbikes of any description. And finally, if you do injure anyone seriously you are liable for the entire cost of treatment and health care for that individual, perhaps for the rest of their life.



2017-05-30 14.20.04

NOTE.. There is no such thing as  SORN as in the UK….
A vehicle / scooter etc. must be Taxed,insured & tested at all times,even when being sold.

[ From October 2018….In addition to Traffic Polis, all Police units and Jandama will now be able to fine drivers who do not abide by traffic rules.]

For expats with cars in Turkey, here’s a  way to discover whether you have clocked up any fines or outstanding car tax along the way…..First click on to:

Click on the furthest right hand box & log into your e-devlet account,then on the next screen,click on the last box in the list.. Vergi ,Harc, ve Cezalar[ taxes ,fees & fines ] .

Next screen look at the Polis box ,Emniyet Genel Mudurlugu, [general directorate of security] & click on the 1st line ,[Criminal Inquiry On The License Plate (Real Person)]
This next screen will show if you have any outstanding fines.

List of Road Traffic violations, codes & associated fines…..

Click to access 2017%20Trafik%20Ceza%20Rehberi.pdf




A driving school ‘may’ ask for the following..
Diploma or Educational Certificate Medical Report (family?)”,

Residence Certificate (proof of residence address)

Criminal Record [from local court]

Photocopy of Residence Permit card

2 biometric passport style photos
This from a applicant taking the Turkish driving test in Nov. 2020
1. Apply to a driving school for a local course
2. Completed theoretical classes – 12 hours [covering first aid & roadcraft]
3.  The theory test is now done all on touchscreen in E-Sinav [theory] test . The test is in Turkish, but  you can also specify  English, German, French, Russian, Chinese and Arabic. , they give you a button to translate each question to your chosen language. The theoretical exam consists of 50 questions, 12 of which are on first aid, 23 on traffic regulations, nine on mechanics and six on traffic etiquette. Each question counts for two points, and you must correctly answer 35 questions to pass.
Latest list of questions [ as a guideline]..
4.  Practical driving lessons on the road of a minimum of 12 hours in total which are mandatory for everyone regardless of previous driving experience, before being eligible to undergo the driving test. .
5. Next step they will book an appointment  for practical drive test with an examiner.
6. When passed both theory & driving tests a Trafik Sertificasi is issued.
7. Then book Nufus online appointment and apply for your ehliyet (the plastic driver license) they will take your fingerprints electronically, and will need 1 photo and signature. They also need some proof of your blood type  + your school certificate….
See under sub heading 1D above for requirements & costs of obtaining the actual licence.]
The process takes 1.5 month approx .
Total costs will vary,depending on the driving school fees & number of lessons required,but expect …
Driving school: 3500 tl, notarised school cert 1200 tl, theory test 130 tl, driving test 160 tl, driving licence itself 1461.90 tl. Also if over 65 eyetest at hospital is needed,[figures correct at spring 2022]



10 ]…BUYING A CAR IN TURKEY………………First before committing to purchasing ,you should check the vehicles history. This can be done via your Turkish phone by text. Put in the vehicles registration number & send to 5664… this link [in Google Chrome for translation] & see what else you can check on the car/ bike.. [ works for TC Kimlik card numbers only]

Buying a car here is quite painless. If you buy new then the dealer will do all the running around for you.
If 2nd hand then you go to a Noters office with the seller & carry out the purchase there with an Official court translator present. It seems customary for the buyer to pay all the fees,but that is really up to you both to decide.

The notary clerk enters all information (names and ID numbers of seller and buyer, vehicle registration details, agreed sales price) into the online (ARTES) system. Once all information is entered correctly, the system produces a sales agreement which is signed by both parties. Then, the system delivers a document with the new number plate number, which entitles the buyer to have his number plates printed at the local Chamber of Drivers/Şoförler Odası (subject to a fee).
The system then prints the new car/motorbike papers. With this document, the new owner can purchase the compulsory traffic insurance,prior to obtaining the number plate[s] at the Şoförler Odası.
Checks are made by the Noter prior to the sales document being produced that there are no debts on the vehicle. This includes unpaid fines and no tax,insurance or TUV[ MOT] test.All vehicles presented for sale must have current valid tax,insurance and TUV .

As the buyer you’ll need your passport[ +translated & noterised copy], valid Residence/Work permit, or now many Noters will accept just your 99**** Ikamet number, even if your RP has expired. [ This ‘may’  vary depending on the Noter,so check first if they insist on seeing a valid RP card or not.]

If buying from a Turkish Citizen, after completing the Noters paperwork you’ll need a new registration plate number,for that you go to your  local Chamber of Drivers/Şoförler Odası (subject to a fee) to have them made up .
If buying from another foreigner,the vehicle will already be on ‘foreigners plates[  MA>MB>MC…etc ] so will not need new plates after the sale.

Official Translator.. 100tl [approx] usually paid in cash,no receipt given.
Noters fee….275tl
New Plakas [number plates ]…42tl each.

When putting the car onto foreigners ‘M’ plates  only the persons  named on the Ruhsat ( logbook ) & spouse can legally drive the car & this can ONLY be family of the same surname , NOT friends .

# Please note it is 100% illegal for a Turkish citizen to drive an ‘M’ plated car/scooter.!

BE AWARE that if you put the cars’ Ruhsat into a Turkish friends name so it has ‘Turkish number plates & not ‘M’ plates allowing  anyone to drive it..the car IS NOT YOURS,and he can sell it without your permission and keep the money!!. Just like a Tapu,if it’s not in your name,you are not the legal owner.!

It is not possible to have a Ruhsat in joint names with a Turkish citizen.

.As of 2/4/2018 , the Noters office [not Trafic Polis] will deal with issuing new registration plate numbers [ Plaka ] if required.

As of September 1st 2019 anyone buying a second-hand car in Turkey will have to obtain traffic insurance immediately.
The present law is that the buyer can use the seller’s car insurance for a 15-day grace before getting the insurance. That has come to an end.

Notary services, [especially for the purchase and sale of used vehicles], will use a secure payment system that is coming into effect on 1st February.

The money for transactions will be placed into an escrow account then it will be transferred safely to the person concerned after the completion of the notary paperwork. However notary fees can still be paid by credit card or debit card.

The sales money will not be transferred to the seller’s account until the notary transaction has been performed. The risk of the seller not coming to the notary or not performing the transaction at the notary will be eliminated. The cost of the second-hand vehicle will be held in the escrow account and after the sale and all paperwork has been agreed will pass to the sellers account, therefore the problem of trust will be eliminated.

If the parties cannot agree on the sale and either of them cancel the transaction, the money deposited by the buyer in the escrow account will be returned to the original bank account. İt is hoped that this new process will avoid any disputes coming to the judiciary.


TUV Test ( MOT ) is every other year as is emissions test,unless you own a van or Kangoo,Doblo,Connect etc,which are classed as commercials and need tests annually( also the maximum speed limit allowed is lower). Insurance …
INSURANCE…You must BY LAW have at least 3rd party Trafic Sigorta which is compulsory, if you want fully comprehensive ( Kasko) then you purchase that on top if the basic 3rd party cover..
ROAD TAX is due in January & June [if wishing to pay 6 months at a time ] ,or you can pay for the whole year in January only.

10A ] …Buying a used car from a Dealer  / used car site.


From 2/4/2019…….
For vehicles under 8 years old, with less than 160,000 kms  an ‘ Oto Expertiz  Rapor ‘ must be shown to buyers. This will identify the vehicle as found on the Ruhsat documents, the model, confirm the mileage , no. plate, fuel type, engine and chassis number, painted and changed parts must be indicated etc….. Warranties must also be given for the engine & the transmission for 5,000 km or a period of 3 months whichever comes first.

This applies to car sales & private sellers who sell more than 3 cars a year.
There are already many Oto Expertiz workshops springing up in most towns,ready to carry out the checks & issue a report.



Before considering this option,applicants must be in education, hold a Work permit or be retired [ holding a state pension paper from your home country].


Before selling check via sub heading 8]   above that there are no outstanding fines attached to the registration number. Vehicles/scooters cannot be sold until ALL outstanding fines are paid,this includes any road tax unpaid.

NOTE.. There is no such thing as  SORN as in the UK….
A vehicle / scooter etc. must be Taxed,insured & tested at ALL times,even when being sold.

Same system as buying,  but you don’t need a valid RP as long as you still know your Yabanci Kimlik Number [ 99******].
If you sell your ‘M’ plated vehicle to another non Turkish citizen then they will keep the same number plate.
You can sell it to a Turkish Citizen,but they will need to change the plates ,immediately, removing the ‘M’ plates on purchase.


TUV Test ( MOT ) is every other year as is emissions test,unless you own a van or Kangoo,Doblo,Connect etc,which are classed as commercials and need tests annually( also the maximum speed limit allowed is lower). Insurance …
INSURANCE…You must BY LAW have at least 3rd party Trafic Sigorta which is compulsory, if you want fully comprehensive ( Kasko) then you purchase that on top if the basic 3rd party cover..
ROAD TAX is due in January & July [if wishing to pay 6 months at a time ] ,or you can pay for the whole year in January only.
Here is the link for the road tax calculations.…



Generally, motorway tolls in Turkey are dealt with electronically and you will not have to pay in cash at the time. Rather, you must enroll in the HGS automatic toll system so that you have an electronic-chip sticker or toll transponder mounted on the upper middle of your windscreen. This applies to privately owned Turkish cars, non-Turkish cars and rentals alike.

HGS stands for “Hızlı Geçiş Sistemi”, literally “Fast Pass System”. The toll will automatically be charged to your HGS account. If you do not have an HGS account, the car’s owner will receive a fine, usually ten times the applicable toll.

You can enroll in the HGS system at the PTT [post office], banks or at some Shell service stations, as well as add credit to your HGS account (minimum 50TL). To buy the sticker initially is 7.50tl for the card + 50tl credit.

To enroll in HGS, you will need original versions and copies of the vehicle registration, your passport and residence permit. If you have not registered, you will usually be able to choose a secondary road to avoid the toll.


Important Note for the Drivers of Vehicles with Foreign Licence Plates that Will Use Tollways

The vehicles with foreign licence plates must register to OGS or HGS before using the tollways and must have sufficient credit in the account for pass. Turkish Custom Authorities will not allow the vehicles with foreign licence plates to leave the country if they have unpaid toll fines. Therefore, drivers should question if they have any unpaid toll fee, violation or toll fine from the Tollway Pass Violation Query section on the webpage and pay the debts before arriving in the Customs to leave. For your further questions and complaints, apply to 

Fast-Pass System (HGS) has been activated by PTT General Directorate on 17.09.2012, at the toll stations on Izmir-Aydın Motorway, Izmir-Çeşme Motorway, Bosphorus Bridges, European Motorway, Anatolian Motorway and Niğde-Mersin-Şanlıurfa Motorway.

For pre-paid HGS labels, you can apply to the PTT head Office or branches. You can also give a free automatic payment order from your credit card for automatic credit loading.


To Check Your balance & Top Up Your HGS Card….from the Google app. store.


List of Toll Bridges / Roads & Motorways… …   [open this in Google Chrome for automatic translation]


14 ]…VEHICLE & TRAFFIC REGULATIONS….[ open in Google Chrome to use ‘translate’.

The 4 pictures relate to [left to right]”
1..All Town roads,incl. In town dual carriageways….
2..Out of town Open roads ,2 way traffic…
3..Out of town Dual carriageways…[ there are many stretches of dual carriageways @ 70kph ! ]



A 25% discount of the fine if paid within 15 days from when the violation ticket is issued.

Some of the more common traffic fines for 2022, the full list is published in the Official Gazette


Driving without TUV inspection *935 TL*

Driving in reverse direction *2000 TL*

Those who do not wear seat belts *1008 TL*

Damage to traffic signs and signs, throwing garbage on the road and blocking traffic & Violations that disrupt the order like, *488 TL*

(Of drunk driving )

1st offence. *1.002 TL*

2.nd *3256 TL*

3rd. *4.018 TL*

Refusing to blow on the alcohol meter *9.869 TL*

Not allowing pedestrians at the pedestrian crossing *678 TL*

Driving without insurance *1008 TL*

Drivers without a driving license *9.918 TL*

● Between 88 km-104 km *935 TL* fine

● Between 104 km-120 km *2488 TL*

●120 km and above *4002 TL*

Two ways out of town = *90 km*

Speed 50 km in the desired location within the city

●Between 55 km-65 km *535 TL* fine

● Between 65 km-75 km *988 TL*

● 75 km and above *5002 TL*

Crossing at red light *936 TL*

Talking on mobile *535 TL*

Violation of the parking *709 TL*


New parking regulations are coming into force. The Ministry of Interior sent a circular warning that vehicles violating parking bans and violation of traffic rules and safety regulations would be fined, as opposed to being towed away, IF they did not compromise traffic order and safety.

VEHICLES PARKED WITHIN 15 METRES of passenger vehicles stops,
such as municipal Dolmus or buses,
taxis, minibuses,
pedestrian walkways
school crossings,
public institutions and organisations, …….
within 5 METRES to the entrances and exits of hospitals,
health institutions,
garages,[assumed to mean Petrol garage entrances].
park entrances
and pedestrian crossings [100 METRES either side] …….WILL BE TOWED .

You can check via the e-devlet website..



15 ]…VEHICLE ROAD TAX …2021..

Road tax is calculated on the engine size ,age and value of the vehicle.

Road tax is due every January , it is possible to pay for the whole year in January or can be paid 6 months in january & 6 months in July. But if paying in July you can only pay till the end of the year [6 months].

Tax can be paid at your local Tax office in cash only or via most Turkish banks, also online via your e-devlet account. ..[For details regarding registering for an e-devlet account ,go to file #23].
Simply go to the e-devlet website,in the search box insert either ‘my vehicle’ or if that doesn’t work insert ‘ araba vergi’, then log in & it will take you to your cars details ,click on the box on the right & next screen is the road tax fees & the boxes to fill in to pay by your Turkish CREDIT CARD only. When prompted, request the payment receipt to be sent to your email inbox.

The new MTV for cars in 2022 is as follows

1300 cc or less1-3 years old 1,314 lira

4-6 years old 916 lira

7-11 years old 512 lira

12-15 years old 386 lira

16 years old and over 136 lira.

1300-1600 cc1-3 years old 2.287 lira

4-6 years old 1.715 lira

7-11 years old 995 lira

12-15 years old 704 lira

16 years and over 270 lira.

1600-1800 cc1-3 years old 4.042lira

4-6 years old 3.157 lira

7-11 years old 1.860 lira

12-15 years old 1.132 lira

16 years and over: 270 lira

Or from this link..[ only available in Turkish,so use Google translate if possible]
On that site,click on the box ‘MTV ve Trafik Para Cezası Ödeme ‘…..[ Motor Vehicle Inquiry.]..
You can only pay online if you hold a Turkish CREDIT card from one of the Banks listed below on that page.
How to fill in the online payment form..
Plaka…Your registration number…[Özel Plaka….ignore this..].

T.C. Kimlik Numarası veya Vergi Kimlik Numarası*…….in the left box insert your Kimlik [RP number..99****]

Tescil Tarihi….the date YOU purchased the vehicle [if 2nd hand] date taken from the Notery paperwork.[This is not asked if re taxing a vehicle you’ve taxed using this service before].
You’ll next go through the payment screens.




also this from June 2016……Edward Smiles……. I have taken my Turkish car back to Scotland on 4 occasions. You need vehicle registration document, passport and RP to leave Turkey. Driving licence, passport and green card insurance to enter Greece/Bulgaria. At UK Border in Calais for Eurotunnel, passport and green card insurance. You may be asked to complete a C110 which confirms you are exempt from UK VAT and Customs Duty but I have never been asked to do so. Toll roads in Greece, Italy and France. Sticker at the border for Switzerland. Pre-paid road tax online if you go overland through Hungary. Pay at the border for Bulgaria.



18..How to register a Tow bar after fitment.

Unlike many other countries it’s not possible to fit a Tow bar to a vehicle and just drive off….it must be checked, registered & recorded in your Rushat.

The following relates to the Mugla province,but will be similar anywhere in Turkey.


First you need to get a certified agency to redraw the schemes of your car. check at your dealership or wherever you had the tow bar fitted to see who will do this locally .These new drawings need to be taken to the ‘Ticaret ve Sanayi Odası’ in your area where they will approve them and you pay a small amount for them to get stamped.

After that, you need to get everything notarized and take your files to the Traffic Police for another approval. Then you drive your car to TÜV Türk [ MOT Station] for a check and you’re done.



19]…. Car Hire In Turkey…
The main thing to concern yourself with is INSURANCE….
No matter what you are told 99.9% of the insurance cover included when hiring a car is only 3rd party….If the hirer requires Full Comprehensive cover [not available for scooters/m,cycles] then this will be a separate policy at extra cost.
Always  READ THE SMALL can be seen from the standard policy below the Car Rental company ‘may ‘ try this  on…See the statement underlined in red.

If involved in ANY type of RTC especially if a 3rd party is involved THE TRAFFIC POLIS MUST BE CALLED and attend. Try to be quick and take photos of the incident on your phone AND the person who got out of the other car from the drivers seat….It’s not uncommon for the driver involved to not have a licence or be banned and either run off or change seats swiftly with someone else in the car.
Also the other vehicle my not have valid insurance. In Turkey it’s the vehicle that’s insured by the owner,then anyone with a valid drivers licence can drive it.
Hire companies  & their insurers will take the word of the Polis so make sure you find a way of getting a copy of their report to translate for yourself.

As a foreigner you WILL be blamed for the incident firstly by the other driver & his passengers and maybe bystanders even if it’s blatantly obvious the other driver was at fault, so …..stand your ground,……take photos, …….& call the Polis….